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Gilding Workshop at Route 9 Library

Monday night was a fantastic evening filled with a group of Library goers who rolled up their sleeves and dived into the shiny world of metal leafing!

Participants had the choice of working with a fox illustration that could be colored or painted after the gold leaf was applied or a small frame. One of the students, Simon, generously brought in some cool 3D printed Pikachu figures and Mario Stars to share.

I guided the group in the steps necessary to prep their selected surface for the gold/silver/copper leaves to stick and away they went. I was blown away by the creativity in the group! Though everyone had the same items to choose from, no two projects looked alike.

Photo Credits to the lovely Vivienne Cameron, left to right: class, instruction, Vivienne's project.

This was a popular class and ended up with a waiting list, so it will definitely be offered again at Rt 9. I'll keep you posted!

Students requested a materials list, and so below are my favorite materials linked:

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