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Framing Clinic 12/23/23

The last framing clinic of 2023 was pretty slow, so Jessi and I got to have some creative fun with her framing piece. She brought in a frame that was quite a bit larger than her art with the intention of cutting two openings in the mat to display them side-by-side. The artwork she'd made was of a bee, so naturally I suggested we make the openings hexagons like a bee hive! She was also lamenting that there were only two pieces of art and it didn't feel complete unless it was an odd number in the frame. To fix that problem, I suggested we cut some other sized hexagons and mount the art on a black mat board so it would show in the additional openings, thus creating some visual interest and highlighting the art in a subtle and dynamic way.

Luckily, Jessi is adventurous and liked the suggestions. And because she is super cool, she designed some hexagons on the spot and cut them out of paper on the laser cutter in the Maker Lab to mock out the design. I think it turned out super cool, what do you think?

The January Framing Clinic was cancelled due to weather, but Tuesday February 13th looks to be on track. To save a spot visit the link HERE!

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