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Hanging the show

Heart of Gold

A winding path has led me to Wilmington. As a part of making it my home, I have been exploring some of the surroundings that truly make Delaware the “Small Wonder.” Inspiration struck in the form of regional, edible, wild flora. These hidden gems are scattered among us,  often unnoticed and at times even scorned. These small markers give Wilmington a unique feel, smell, color, and taste - in short, a  sense of home. 


Fascinated and amazed by the natural world around me, nature is  a constant source of inspiration for my work. Sometimes it will be a botanical drawing, while other times it will be an abstract inspired by a small part of the whole. From curated gardens to the weeds in a crack in the pavement, inspiration is unending and all around. Looking at the world with wonder and curiosity is vital to creating a sense of awe and discovery which is the essence of my work.


My hope is to inspire a second look at these glorious plants and encourage a deeper  appreciation for them. They are aesthetically beautiful, and are a part of the ecology and history of this city I’ve come to call home. 

Gallery Showings

Abstract Explorations

Botanical Paintings

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