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Colors of Love

I'm a firm believer that I don't have the right to complain about anything I have the power to change. Then I found myself complaining about how pervasive negative attitudes are. Then I stopped and said, "Hm, how can I change this instead of just complaining about it?" Thus, Colors of Love was born.  

By taking repurposed paper, stamping original art on the front and placing a positive quote on the inside, a little reminder to bring yourself back to a positive mindset is created. The project debuted at the Wilmington Earth Day Celebration in 2019, and has been presented at several regional gatherings of people since where participants are invited to make a card to leave for someone else and take one already created by another community member - sharing in the creation and distribution of good vibes.

I take any opportunity to have the project where people can interact with it. Whether it is as stated above, an event where I can guide people in creating the cards, or a more passive set up where the cards are simply offered free to passersby. I've even had the pleasure of teaching people to carve their own stamps. The project is wildly adaptable, from Earth Day to Peace Week to the Do-Good-A-Thon to The People's Festival Celebrating Bob Marley, I've had a blast working to spread a positive mindset in beautiful people around me.

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